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About Us

TopNut is a global nut cultivar management company.

TopFruit and Agristar joined forces and formed the company, TopNut. Together the TopNut team delivers the best technical expertise and quality plant material in the nut industry.


To be the global leader in the management of nut varietal intellectual  property


A global nut cultivar management company focusing on:

Sourcing new cultivars with improved characteristics

Evaluation of these nut varieties globally

Commercialising approved varieties through a secured managed environment 

Achieving improved returns for all stakeholders 


Extensive knowledge in the tree nut industry value chain, from breeder to consumer.

Proven track record in variety protection, development and management.

Established comprehensive stakeholder networks to ensure compliance and protection of IP internationally.

75 years of combined experience in the growing, evaluating and commercialisation of varieties.

Our promise

To producers:

Continuous development and pursuit of improved varieties, supported with world-class technical advice and optimal commercialisation models.

To breeders:

Professional, secure, transparent service in the protection, commercialisation, and development of nut varieties globally.

Improved value for all stakeholders

We care

Our operations always balance People, Plant and Profit and TopNut commits to operate under a blanket of good governance. 

We believe in upliftment through education and is a contributing partner to RecruitAgri

We aim to have a positive impact on the environment through green and efficient operations and promoting sustainable initiatives in the agri-space.

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