About us

With 75 years of experience between them, TopFruit and Agristar joined forces and formed the company, TopNut. 

TopNut benefits from TopFruit’s experience in the introduction and commercialisation of new fruit varieties. TopFruit’s focus is to discover and unlock the potential of these new varieties for producers. This is achieved through variety development, a strong program of intellectual property management, brand development, and innovative marketing initiatives.

TopNut benefits from Agristar’s experience in the tree nut value chain from Nursery, Farming, Processing, Marketing and Retail. Agristar proudly supplies only the best quality Macadamia and tree-nut products by focusing on their commitment to customers, employees and stakeholders.

Together the TopNut team delivers the best technical expertise and quality plant material in the nut industry

Our service offering

Plant material management

Importation, quarantine, nucleus blocks, propagation material, and nursery contracts.

Breeder relations

Variety listing, plant breeder rights and trademark applications, annual breeder reports, business plans, export shipment declaration reports, royalty management and payments.


Propagation and non-propagation agreements.

Quality control

All nut quality standard monitoring and management.

Royalty management

From producer invoices to payments of breeders.

Marketing and merchandising

Development of annual marketing and merchandising programs, growing the market share of nut varieties.

Technical support to producers

Deliver the best technical expertise & quality plant material in the tree nut industry.

Cracking the top nut